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All Things ESL to go viral in 3,2,1....

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

This is what the ESL community has needed: a chance to keep in touch beyond conferences we don't have time to attend, roundtables, and regional help. It's time to have a place we can call home for all things we wonder about - state regs, legal status, student needs, administrative responsibilities and community response. This is a podcast for ESL teachers (green or experienced), administrators of ELLs, online teachers of ESL, any teacher wondering about ESL, certificate holders or not.

This podcast is about the largest scope of topics relating to the ESL (English as a Second Language), TESOL (Teachers to Speakers of Other Langauges), ENL (English as a New Langauge), or whatever acronym you choose.

This podcast is going live and soon, people! Check us out on Facebook & Instagram And be sure to follow our feed and become a member for access to hidden Forum threads to be the first to know when updates are here!

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