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Ep 7: Content Teachers, We Were Made For Each Other

Good news, everyone!!! If math & science teacher extraordinaire Kelly Leguizamon taught us anything this last episode, it is that we can use some VERY recognizable, one-minute-prep, exercises in our content classes that double for native speakers (read: not dumbed down) to increase content knowledge. That's right: the whole class is picking up what you're laying down.

I gotta tell ya, this was a HUGE relief to me. My biggest fear about approaching content teachers was the push back of "Ain't got time" and "Isn't that your job?" How about this encouragement: these are things you're already doing, there's only one tweak that won't take up much time, but it'll assure you're reaching that ESL kid in the back. This is why I love QSSSR, the process we discussed in the episode. (This description is straight from

Q = An engaging, open ended question that will spark conversation S = Students are provided with a signal which shows the teacher which students are ready to share (wait for 100%) S = Stems are provided for all learners, teaches students to speak in complete sentences S= Students share with a partner or with their groups their thoughts A = Assess students either by a cold call, call for volunteers, or have students write out a response

QSSSR is an amazing (visual? explanation?) that helps content teachers see just how much THOUGHT goes into "I ask you a question & you answer it." So whichever of those handy dandy exercises Kelly Leguizamon throws at you (, you can suggest those strategies with QSSSR in mind.

Remember Jody Nolf, who started filming content teachers using her strategies? You can see them in action below, along with a few other goodies straight from this fancy unicorn.

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