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Communicating with ESL Parents is...

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

How do you end that sentence? Tough? Challenging? A nightmare?

Communicating with immigrant parents can be stressful even if you have GOOD news to give.

This month's episode is about how to turn your regular To-Do List:

1. advocate for students in their mainstream classes

2. get mainstream teachers to care about reaching ESL students with content knowledge

3. Get administrators on board with a few new practices that will help the ESL population

4. Advocate for students in SPED/IEP meeting about a 504...Convince them this is not a language issue.

5. Call mom or dad about x, y, z...

In this To-Do List:

1. Call mom or dad about the rest of the list.

Wouldn't it make your life So. Much. Easier. if mom and dad were your key fighters in your ring? We will take a look at just how powerful mom and dad are and how to put the magic wand in their hands to GET ALL THE STUFF DONE.

The image posted is a hint. ;)

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