• HBenson

ATE Now on iTunes!

Gosh, the title kinda takes the wind outta my sails, but I'm going to say it anyway:

All Things ESL is now on iTunes! A few followers were asking when I was going to be searchable via iTunes. Turns out a podcast needs three episodes before you can submit your work to iTunes, so the last episode made three!

Speaking of episode three, I just have to say how Blown. Away. I am. Over 60 listens in one week, and over 20 new listens to the first episode in the last week. I love that you guys are going back to tune in to old episodes! For you newbs, I do hope you will add me to your morning commute as you scroll through your iTunes podcasts--20 minutes is a tasty little morsel.

Thank you so much to everyone's support. I feel so encouraged.

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