• HBenson

ATE is going LIVE on Facebook!

I just wanted to send the word out that All Things ESL will be having a special LIVE episode on the @allthingseslpodcast facebook page and I want you to come check it out!!!

I'm nervous to be putting my FACE out there, but desperate times, guys. I figured we needed to chat about what's going on and the implications in the future for our field. Come join me in this special episode by joining the group and tuning in, Monday, March 23rd at 2pm EST.

If you are UNABLE to tune in to FB, I will be providing the discussion along with an interview in a special, mid-month episode later this week. Our interviewed guest is a teacher who has taught online ESL and started her own tutoring business and will discuss the pros and cons of each, for those of you who are considering "all the options." Stay tuned!

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